5 things to keep in the bicycle basket

One fine day you are standing there with your bike bags full and you are ready to throw yourself on the bike and pedal away towards the adventure! Once you are sitting on the saddle, you probably want to avoid the moment where you get off the bike at regular intervals to rummage through and create clutter in the carefully thought-out packed bags. Therefore, we thought we would list some good things to have close at hand - like in the bicycle basket!

1. Water! Cycling is after all a form of exercise and you will need to refill the fluid depots so do not forget the water bottle and if you have it close you will probably use it all the more often and avoid dehydration!

2. Energy! Having something edible in addition to liquid is probably also something you will enjoy. Maybe some biscuits, some nuts, fruit or sweets can be the salvation until the goal for your well-deserved lunch break or final destination!

3. Clothes after weather! If the forecast says that you may encounter a rain shower during your day, it can be nice to have the rain jacket ready just like that thin sweater or wind jacket you can easily put on and take off as needed.

4. Camera! You are guaranteed to pass absolutely magnificent places on your journey, maybe something unexpected happens that makes you laugh and you want to be able to look back on and remember those golden moments when the autumn darkness creeps in! Tip! Do not forget to develop them later as well and put them in a holiday album or create a photo book. It's so much more fun than picking up your computer or phone to look at the pictures.

5. The map! Yes, no matter how wonderful it may feel to step through open landscapes, you probably want to reach your final destination and not always through too many, long detours. So take a look at regular intervals so you do not end up elsewhere!

Other good things to keep in mind to have close at hand:

- First aid! Unfortunately, the accident can occur even during the nicest of moments. It can be about everything from shoe chafing to abrasions. Cleaning wipes, good patches and maybe some form of pain relief are recommended.

- Sunscreen! No big deal really, when you are out you should protect yourself from the strong rays of the sun and when you cycle and move you may not think about it in the same way as when you spend a day at the beach. So keep it close, then you do not forget to refill at regular intervals!