7 facts about Siljan

Traveling to Dalarna and cycling around Lake Siljan in the heart of Dalarna or going on a boat and enjoying nature at sea is an experience you will not regret. There is something special about the calm and the atmosphere that makes Dalarna a perfect destination for those looking for an active holiday in nature. Before your trip, it can be fun to collect some facts to take with you in your backpack! Here are 7 things you might not have known about Dalarna:

  1. It is our seventh largest lake by surface area
  2. Siljan was formed by a meteorite impact 360 million years ago - the crater is the largest known impact site in Europe
  3. M/S Gustaf Wasa with whom you may travel has been at sea on Siljan every summer since 1876
  4. From Rättvik, Långbryggan stretches out into Siljan with its 628 meters
  5. At the deepest point, you measure a full 134 meters down to the bottom of the lake
  6. The shipping that exists today on Siljan is mainly tourist traffic
  7. The largest island in Siljan is Sweden's 50th largest and is called Sollerön, approx. 12 people live here