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Cycling holidays and cycling packages in Sweden

Our long country is full of beautiful cycle paths and the only one who sets the limit on how far you want to pedal is yourself. Nothing beats the feeling of being your own motor, so enjoy Sweden on two wheels and go on a cycling holiday in Sweden. Experience packages offer bike packages that give you a great bike ride. We have built ready-made package tours where most things are included during cycling holidays in Sweden. With us you can find cycling trips on Åland, Österlen, Gotland, Dalarna, Öland and along Göta Canal. Three simple, but important tips for your cycling holiday in Sweden: To have as wonderful a cycling holiday as possible, remember not to be careless with water and energy. Cycling is a challenge and if you drink enough fluids, you can enjoy the end goal of the day even more. Pack clothes according to the weather. Even if the forecast says sun, remember that the weather can change quickly. Rest occasionally and don't stress! Take advantage of the beautiful views and the wonderful feeling on the bike saddle.

Cycling on holiday - Climate smart and environmentally friendly

A cycling holiday is a sustainable way to spend a holiday and when looking for an environmentally friendly holiday a cycling holiday in Sweden can be a good choice. We offer various cycling packages around Sweden where you can treat yourself to a holiday while saving on natural resources and reducing emissions from motor vehicles.

Can you cycle through Sweden?

Cycling holidays are an excellent way to see Sweden. You can choose from a variety of packages that include different routes and activities. Cycling is a great way to see the countryside and get some exercise at the same time. You can also choose to cycle on your own or with a group. Sweden is a large country and there are many different cycling routes to choose from. In the south, you can cycle along the coast or through the countryside. In the north, there are many trails that take you through forests and lakes. There are also many cycle paths in the central parts of Sweden. One of the best things about cycling in Sweden is our changing nature. From the fertile fields of Österlen in Skåne to the deep forests of Norrland. From the rocky islands of the Stockholm archipelago to the open plains of Öland. There is something for all types of cyclists in Sweden. No matter where you go on your cycling holiday in Sweden, remember to take breaks and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way!

Take a cycling holiday and cycle the Göta canal

Cycle along the Göta canal. The canal is 190 miles long and passes 66 locks and connects Sweden's east and west coasts. Along the way, you stop at scenic resorts and campsites where you can both rest and explore the surroundings. Enjoy beautiful views of lakes, forests and rolling countryside as you leisurely make your way along the canal route. Here you can cycle through the Swedish countryside and experience historic places along the canal route. This is not only an active and easily accessible way to explore the Göta canal, but also provides the opportunity to stop and stay at nice accommodation along the way, eat well at small picturesque eateries and shop in one of the communities you visit while on the bike.

Smultron places in Sweden to visit on holiday

There are many beautiful and exciting places to experience in Sweden. Four areas that are filled with experiences and lovely surroundings are Skåne, Gotland and Dalarna. In Skåne you can explore the fantastic coast and rolling hills. Österlen offers a mix of beautiful beaches and farmland. Gotland is an island known for its charming towns and medieval history. In Dalarna there are scenic lakes and traditional Swedish villages. No matter which, no matter what you choose, you are guaranteed to have a memorable and fun cycling holiday in Sweden. No matter where you go, Sweden's well-maintained cycle paths make it easy and fun to discover the country on two wheels.

How do I pack best for the cycling holiday?

One of the most important things to consider when packing for a cycling holiday is how to pack efficiently and effectively. This means packing only the most important things and choosing equipment with multiple uses whenever possible. Some useful tips for efficient packing are as follows:
  • Pack clothes that can be layered for different temperatures
  • Bring a basic repair kit for any bike breakdowns
  • Pack a waterproof jacket and pants if it rains
  • Choose versatile equipment, e.g. cycling shoes that can also be used for hiking or for leisure use
  • Pack light to avoid extra weight on the bike.
If you plan ahead and are aware of the weight and space for your belongings, you will have a more enjoyable and smooth cycling trip.

Book your cycling holiday with us at Experience Package

With one of our popular cycling packages you have everything you need for a perfect holiday. Depending on which package you choose, you can get a bicycle, lunch bag, map, accommodation with meals, accommodation and overnight stays, boat trips and much, much more. We offer cycling packages suitable for beginners as well as more experienced cyclists.