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Cycling around the whole of Gotland with Fårö and Hoburgen, for the cycling enthusiast

Gotland has a well-deserved reputation for being a cycling island. This cycling holiday takes you on a journey of discovery around the whole of Gotland at the same time as you experience Visby where history awaits around every corner. Winding roads take you to flowering meadows, lambs, windmills and stone walls meet you along the way. You cycle right along the sea, with an incomparable view that makes you catch your breath.
Gotland by bike - one with nature!

From 15200 Kr
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Gotland's Summer Paradise coast to coast by bike

With Ljugarn as the center, the east coast is fantastic to discover by bike. The varied landscape that eastern Gotland offers provides both relaxation and fantastic nature experiences. The Gotland landscape is unique and meeting it on two wheels is a treat for the soul. We also give you a few days in Visby. Visby's magnificent history as the capital of the Baltic Sea during the Hanseatic era is remembered everywhere. The fantastic city and the scenic landscape attract visitors.

From 7650 Kr
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Cycling holiday on Gotland south with Hoburgen

Southern Gotland is known for its coastal and scenic roads where sea and sky meet. Cycle past sheep, raukar and roads adorned with blue fire. Visit Burgsvik known for "So much better" and visit Hoburgsgubben - a peculiar rauk that in a certain angle resembles a man's head. During this cycling holiday you can also experience Visby with its beautiful alleys, historic buildings and cobbled streets.
A bicycle package for you who want to get to know the beautiful part of southern Gotland with Hoburgen. Visit the southernmost part of Gotland, Sudret. Lovely baths and a lot of culture and history with exciting rauks. The cycling holiday starts and ends with a night in Visby. New for this year is that Pensionat Warfsholm has been converted into a 4-star hotel.
Wonderful atmosphere and wonderful location right next to the sea!

From 10500 Kr
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Cycling holiday with day trips from Visby

A convenient way to discover Gotland.
A cycling holiday for you who want to discover Gotland with Visby as a starting point. You live in the same hotel in Visby and make nice day trips from here. Bike rides on Fårö, to the Lummelunda caves, Tofta, Stora Karlsö and above all Visby. Spend time, relax, enjoy nature, the sea, discover and experience the fascinating medieval history that surrounds the whole of Visby and the surrounding area.

From 6500 Kr
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Cycling holiday on Gotland with Fårö and Visby in focus

A bicycle package for you who want to experience Visby and Fårö in a comfortable way. During the days you discover Visby and the surrounding area, you stay in a hotel right next to the ring wall. After a bus trip to Fårö, you get some wonderful days on Ingemar Bergman's mythical island. Here you cycle and walk around in the rauk fields, along the sandy beaches and experience the island's unique nature. Gotland is a place for relaxation, here the present and history, nature and culture meet. Experience an unforgettable cycling holiday on Gotland!

From 5700 Kr
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Cycling holiday on Gotland with Visby in focus, Solhem Hotel

Visby-Perfect as a starting point!
The cycling distances are perfect in and around Visby. Feel at home but still far away. Wonderful to cycle in Visby's vicinity, around the wall, enjoy the sea and the beach promenade. In addition, Visby is the perfect starting point for slightly longer day trips. Comfortable to stay in a lovely hotel just outside or inside the medieval ring wall. Experience Visby - the city of roses and ruins.

From 3900 Kr