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Experience the Vänern Grand Tour - 11 days

Are you eager to cycle around Sweden's largest lake? Jaaa.
Sweden has now got a new National Bicycle Trail that goes around Lake Vänern - Vänerleden.
As a cyclist, you will pass cozy cafes, well-stocked farm shops and restaurants with Whiteguide status that can satisfy hungry and hungry stomachs. Around Lake Vänern, you will tread on separate cycle paths, low-traffic paved roads but also gravel roads that meander through archipelago landscapes, forest landscapes and fertile arable land. Some of the sections are already used today as cycle paths, other sections are completely new as cycle paths. The trail is about 64 km long.

Start Date: 8 June -22 August

From 19500 Kr
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Göta canal with Dog

Discover Göta canal with Your Best Friend for three days.
The package includes a day cruise on the Göta Canal from Töreboda to Sjötorp including lunch on board. Accommodation at B & Bs in Töreboda.
You walk right next to the canal edge and you feel the calm that is something very special, the stillness of nature and the water that slowly moves forward creates harmony in the soul.
Enjoy beautiful nature and imagine 200 years back in time, that was when this fantastic building was started and finally inaugurated in 1832.

Tuesdays & Thursdays
May 23 - September 7

From 4740 Kr
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Experience the entire Göta canal from West to East Luggage transport included!

New for the year 2023 – Luggage transport along the entire tour is included!!
This is our "Unique package" that takes you along the entire Göta Canal from Lake Vänern to the Baltic Sea. The cycling holiday starts in Töreboda and the final destination is Söderköping and Mem at the canal's outlet in the Baltic Sea. The tour goes along the car-free towpath along the entire Göta Canal and passes 58 locks in this 200-year-old building. 15,5 km cycling and 3,5 hour boat trips along Sweden's blue ribbon. Fantastic experiences and memories for life await around the corner.

Season: 12 June – 20 August

From 14900 Kr
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Hiking along the Göta Canal

Breathe, feel good and enjoy! Feel the fresh autumn air in your lungs as you stroll along the old towpath along the Göta canal. The calm along the canal is something very special, the stillness of nature and the water that slowly moves forward creates harmony in the soul. Pack the rucksack with the good lunch bag you bring with you from the boarding house and fill up the coffee thermos for a cozy picnic on the road. You stay at Pensionat Prästgården (hotel standard) in Töreboda and dinner is served at Prästgården's cozy Garden Café.

Season: All year Monday - Sunday

From 2190 Kr
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Mini vacation by bike along the Göta Canal, Start Töreboda

Discover Swedens most beautiful road free from cars.
A comfortable and family-friendly bicycle package that suits all ages. Göta Canal stands for relaxation, harmony, nature and history. In Sjötorp, which is located at the canal's inlet from Lake Vänern, includes a visit to the Göta Canal Museum. Here you can follow the work on the Göta Canal - Sweden's largest cultural-historical building.

Season: May – October Monday - Sunday

From 2490 Kr
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Göta canal's small cycling holiday by boat, Start Borensberg

Experience a day cruise on the Göta Canal - Sweden's blue ribbon. Travel through Östergötland's beautiful landscape on the classic canal boat M / S Wasa Lejon. During the trip, the skipper guides about the history of the canal and the boat. The holiday begins with a bike ride along the Göta Canal, where nature and cultural experiences take turns. You spend the night in Ljungsbro about 2 km from Berg and Berg's locks. One of the Göta Canal's largest tourist destinations.

Mondays - Sundays
May 14 - September 24

From 2300 Kr
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Day trips in the heart of Dalarna

Cykelparadiset Dalarna has a lot to offer.
The cycling holiday will take you from Siljansnäs on to Leksand, Tällberg and Rättvik. There is a lot to see and visit in this genuine and beautiful Dalarna. Both nights you stay in Rättvik with fantastic views of Lake Siljan and the surrounding countryside.
Experience Långbryggan, Tällberg, nature, culture, handicraft tradition and much, much more.

Season: May 1 - September 30
Start days: Monday - Sunday

From 3000 Kr
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Gotland's Summer Paradise coast to coast by bike

With Ljugarn as the center, the east coast is fantastic to discover by bike. The varied landscape that eastern Gotland offers provides both relaxation and fantastic nature experiences. The Gotland landscape is unique and meeting it on two wheels is a treat for the soul. We also give you a few days in Visby. Visby's magnificent history as the capital of the Baltic Sea during the Hanseatic era is remembered everywhere. The fantastic city and the scenic landscape attract visitors.

Mondays - Sundays
June 1 - September 17

Not bookable 27 June-1 July (Almedal week)

From 8900 Kr
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Cycling holiday on Gotland north with Fårö

Northern Gotland is known for its rugged landscape, magnificent rauk areas and beautiful coastal stretches. During this cycling holiday you get to experience Visby with its beautiful alleys, historic buildings and cobbled streets. At the same time you get to know the northern part of Gotland with Fårö and its fantastic nature.

Start days:
Mondays - Sundays
June 1 - September 15

Not Bookable 3-7 July (Almedalen Week)

From 10500 Kr
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Cycling holiday with day trips from Visby

A convenient way to discover Gotland.
A cycling holiday for you who want to discover Gotland with Visby as a starting point. You live in the same hotel in Visby and make nice day trips from here. Bike rides on Fårö, to the Lummelunda caves, Tofta, Stora Karlsö and above all Visby. Spend time, relax, enjoy nature, the sea, discover and experience the fascinating medieval history that surrounds the whole of Visby and the surrounding area.

Mondays - Sundays
May 6 - September 28

Not bookable 27 June-1 July (Almedal week)

From 8300 Kr
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Cycling & riding in Baltzar von Platen's footsteps, Start Motala

Discover the Göta Canal by bike & boat!
The passenger boat M/S Kung Sverker takes you across Lake Boren while you are served lunch on board. The ride slowly takes you to Borensberg and from here you cycle on towards the Göta Canal's biggest tourist attraction, Bergs slussar. With its seven locks that, like a staircase, lock the boats up or down for further travel on the blue ribbon. A relaxing tour in beautiful nature and lots of culture. Season:

Mondays - Sundays
June 11 - August 21

From 2900 Kr