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    Pensionat Prästgården *

Start days are Saturdays

( We treceive a maximum of 10 people to make this Corona safe!)


Call us and you will be notified how thick the ice is!

Right now at the time of writing, it is fantastic Isar on the Göta Canal and if it is not possible to skate, it is very nice to hike along the Winter Canal.
( We treceive a maximum of 10 people to make this Corona safe!)


Day 1


Day 1: Start Töreboda Skating / hiking along the Göta Canal You start the day by checking in at Pensionat Prästgården. For your activity, you get a good food bag that you put in your backpack. Whether you skate or hike, you will discover that the canal is incredibly charming and beautiful even on a winter day. After a nice day out, you come home to a crackling fire in the hall at Pensionat Prästgården. You are welcomed with a good warming drink after a full day in the fresh air. In the evening you will be served a homemade juicy meat stew and for dessert it will be a homemade apple pie with homemade ice cream.

Day 2


Day 2: For breakfast we serve our specialty which is our creamy homemade scrambled eggs.

1 st. Overnight stay in a double room with toilet & shower
1 st. Packed lunch incl. hot drink
1 st. Warming drink (Chocolate with whipped cream)
1 st. 2-course dinner excluding drinks
1 st. Breakfast

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