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    Children 2-7 years (1 Number of people - No size limit.) 2,900 kr / Person

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    Children 8-12 years (1 Number of people - No size limit.) 5,850 kr / Person

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    Adult (1 Number of people - No size limit.) 6,800 kr / Person

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    Extra night Söderköpings Brunn Double room
    SEK 2100.00 / St
    SEK 250.00 / St
    Deduction own bike -400
    - SEK 400.00 / St
    Luggage transport 1-4 pers. Söderköping - Motala
    SEK 3500.00 / St

    Luggage transport 1-4 pers. Söderköping - Motala

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    Double packing bag
    SEK 300.00 / St

    Double packing bag, Full channel

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    Single room supplement
    SEK 900.00 / St

    Single room supplement, Golf package sparkling

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    M / S Kung Sverker *
    Ostermalm Accommodation *
    Ljungsbrofritidscenter Vandrarhem *
    Söderköpings Brunn *
    Captain Billes *
    Korskullens Camping, Cottages & Café *

To get back to Söderköping, there are buses between Motala and Söderköping at regular intervals, see timetable for Östgötatrafik.

Mondays - Sundays
June 11 - August 21



Day 1

Söderköping - Mem - Söderköping (bike ride 12 km)

Today will be a small soft start to your cycling holiday. Once in Söderköping, you pick up your bike and pedal 6 km out to Mem by Slätbaken. Here the channel opens into the Baltic Sea. The cycle ride is on car-free roads with the canal as your nearest neighbor with boats gliding along at 5 knots. Take the opportunity and discover the small town of Söderköping with its cozy little cobblestone alleys. A Visby in miniature. This is where they shot the Madicken films that Astrid Lindgren wrote about in her books. Feel free to take a guided tour with the small tourist train in Söderköping. Söderköping's Brunn offers a golden edge to life with a 3-course dinner and an enjoyable stay in lovely surroundings.

Day 2

Söderköping - Ljungsbro (bike ride 53 km) NOTE: Book the bike boat Roxen Snabben yourself and reduce the bike distance by 35km

Today you cycle towards Norsholm, where lunch is served right next to the edge of the canal. The canal is lined with large deciduous trees and winds through forest and open countryside. The tour takes you on the car-free old towpaths along the Göta canal. New for this year is the cycle boat that takes you across lake Asplången. The tour costs SEK 100 round trip and runs from 10am to 16pm. A wonderful experience that increases the joy during the tour. A cycling holiday along "Sweden's blue belt" is relaxation, nature and culture at the same time. You get good use of the 7-speed bikes in the hilly landscape around Lake Roxen. It is well worth the effort when you arrive at Berg och Bergs Slussar which is the biggest tourist attraction along the Göta canal. Here the boats are lowered and raised a full 18 meters in the canal's impressive lock staircase with seven locks. Check in at Ljungsbro hostel here you have access to a relaxation area with a whirlpool and sauna as well as a swimming pool.

Day 3

Ljungsbro - Motala (bike ride 19 km, boat ride 2 hours)

Today you cycle to Borensberg, here you board the boat M/S Kung Sverker. During the bike ride to Borensberg, you pass locks and aqueducts. It's a powerful feeling to stand and look down at the cars driving under the canal. The tour goes through the varied East Goth landscape. Breathtaking views and historical stories accompany you on the tour. At 13.10 M/S Kung Sverker departs from Borensberg and arrives in Motala at 15.30. On board the boat, lunch is served at the same time as the boat glides majestically across the water. During the cruise, the skipper guides and tells about the history of the Göta canal, and you get to take part in sluicing the canal's steepest lock stairs in Borenshult. Once you arrive in Motala, you have time to explore the capital of the Göta canal. Check in at your hotel in Motala. You eat dinner at a restaurant of your choice.

Day 4

Motala (return to Söderköping or hometown)

Today you have time to experience the capital of the Göta Canal. In order for it to be a pleasant end to your little adventure, we recommend a visit to the Göta canal exhibition called "From idea to reality". The exhibition is located in one of the two pavilions next to the canal in the area of ​​Old Motala Workshop, between Borenshult's locks and Motala guest harbor in Lake Vättern. The exhibition shows how Baltzar von Platen took the 300-year-old idea of ​​building a waterway across Sweden and realized it by building the Göta Canal. Here you get to meet the people who made it possible to build the channel and the technology they used. You leave the bike at the hotel in Motala and take you home via Bus to your hometown or to the car in Söderköping. To get back to Söderköping, there are buses between Motala and Söderköping at regular intervals, see timetable for Östgötatrafik

1 pc Accommodation Söderköpings Brunn part in a double room
1 pc Accommodation at Ljungsbro Fritidscenter part of a double room incl. bed linen & towel (toilet in the room & shower in the corridor).
Access to sauna, gym and pool
1 overnight stay Hotel in Motala part in double room
1 boat cruise M/S Kung Sverker Borensberg – Motala
1 lunches excluding drinks on board M/S Kung Sverker
1 boat trip across the lake Asplången, cost SEK 100 / pers. paid at the crossing
3 breakfast buffet
1 lunch excl. Drink, Captain Billés Norsholm
1 3-course dinner excl. Drink Söderköpings Brunn
1 pc Bicycle 7-speed incl. bicycle basket (from 13 years)
Bring your own helmet for the best comfort and safety and for hygienic reasons
1 pc Bicycle map
1 trip description

Cancellation protection / pers. 250 SEK
Single room supplement 900 SEK
Deduction own bike - 400 SEK
Luggage transport 1-4 people (Söderköping -Motala) 3500 SEK
Packing bag (double, holds approx. 15 l / pc) 300 SEK



We recommend that you start the bike ride between 10-12. If you have a long way to travel, feel free to book an extra night.

If you come by train, it is usually a change in Norrköping, from here you then go by bus to Söderköping. See www.sj.se
With car:
From Stockholm about 19 km, estimated travel time 2 hours. Take the E4 south via Norrköping, from Norrköping E22 to Söderköping
From Gothenburg about 33 km, estimated travel time 3 hours and 35 minutes. Take highway 40 to Jönköping, then E4 north, just before Norsholm highway 210 to Söderköping.

You park the car at the accommodation you have chosen, either Korskullens Camping & Stugby or if you have booked higher living comfort at Söderköpings Brunn.

At www.ostgotatrafiken.se you will find a timetable and can plan your trip in the "travel planner" on the website.
The trip Motala to Söderköping takes about 2 hours. Departs from Motala Central with Östgötapendeln, change in Norrköping and bus on to Söderköping.