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The company AB Resespecialisten Utmed Göta Kanal was formed in 1990 by the siblings Urban Brånfelt and Yvonne Brånfelt, but then the company had another name, AB Brånis Sport. At that time, the company traded in sports and leisure articles.

In 2000, we took the step into the travel industry with package tours along the Göta Canal. Since then, we have broadened our range of travel and experiences in large parts of Sweden.

Our business concept is to market and sell experience packages where we through quality and service should be the best, and be the only complete alternative for total relaxation and nature experience for the customer. Our experience packages include activities such as cycling, dressage, passenger boats and golf.

We are based in Töreboda, which is located by the Göta Canal in northern Västergötland, about 15 km east of Mariestad or just over 40 km north of Skövde. Töreboda is also located by the western main line and has many daily direct departures both to and from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Skövde and Jönköping.