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Holidays on Åland

Holidays in the Åland archipelago. Åland is an archipelago consisting of 6.700 islands and is one of the sunniest areas in the Nordic region. Filled with exciting experiences and views. With experience packages, you get to explore, discover and taste Åland. Here it is fantastic to cycle and easy to move between the islands with the archipelago ferries.

On Åland, wonderful days await in the archipelago with varied nature and proximity to the sea. Åland is a paradise for you who want to enjoy fantastic nature, beautiful views, relaxation and tranquility. With its islands, climate and location, Åland is unique.

With its almost 30 inhabitants, Åland is today a modern society with roots deeply rooted in shipping, where it is still today a base for many shipping companies on the Baltic Sea. With its history, archipelago and cultural heritage, Åland is an exciting destination for both young and old.