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  • 4 days

Cycling holiday on Öland

Magnificent nature and with the sea constantly present. Holidays on Öland are something out of the ordinary. Do you also want to get the feeling "gone, but still close"? Then visit Öland together with the Experience Package.

Holidays on Öland are like a smorgasbord for all the senses where there is something for everyone, regardless of whether it is about art, culture, nature or food. Explore Trollskogen, swim in the sea and the unique nature along the coastal road. Experience Stora Alvaret which is one of the world's most distinctive cultural landscapes - desolate, powerful and incredibly beautiful at the same time. On Öland's northern cape is the lighthouse Långe Erik, which offers the best views of the island and the sea. Långe Jan with his 42 meters is another lighthouse worth visiting. It was first lit in 1785. If you are more interested in history, Öland's foremost runestone is in Karlevi and is considered one of Sweden's most remarkable runestones. Out in Kalmarsund is the island Blå Jungfrun where there are many legends and stories. It is said that whoever takes one of the island's beautiful stones from there will be brought by misfortune…

Experience sea noise and birds chirping and spend your holiday on Öland. A magical island that has something for everyone.