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Experience the Vänern Grand Tour - 11 days

Are you eager to cycle around Sweden's largest lake? Jaaa.
Sweden has now got a new National Bicycle Trail that goes around Lake Vänern - Vänerleden.
As a cyclist, you will pass cozy cafes, well-stocked farm shops and restaurants with Whiteguide status that can satisfy hungry and hungry stomachs. Around Lake Vänern, you will tread on separate cycle paths, low-traffic paved roads but also gravel roads that meander through archipelago landscapes, forest landscapes and fertile arable land. Some of the sections are already used today as cycle paths, other sections are completely new as cycle paths. The trail is about 64 km long.

Start Date: 8 June -22 August

From 19500 Kr

Holiday along Sweden's largest lake Vänern!

From the bicycle saddle you can discover Lake Vänern in a fantastic way. Beautiful trails stretch around the entire lake and you can stop and explore exactly what you want. Magnificent places to visit, picturesque small towns and vibrant city life are interspersed with fantastic nature experiences and wonderful taste experiences. Around Lake Vänern there are fantastic destinations such as Läckö Castle at the far end of Kållandsö, the Picasso sculpture in Kristinehamn, the art treasure Sandgrund Lars Lerin in Karlstad and Göta Canal starting in Sjötorp, unique nature experiences such as the plateau mountains Halle- and Hunneberg, Hindens rev and Kinnekulle. In the middle of the lake is also one of Sweden's 30 national parks, Djurö. The new Vänerleden will be Sweden's sixth national cycle route.