Five things that await along the Göta canal

Are you looking forward to a memorable vacation? An active holiday in nature with time for recovery and a break from everyday life? Then maybe a cycling holiday along the Göta canal could be something for you! Here the boats glide along at 5 knots while you enjoy the calm and the strikingly beautiful surroundings. Today we have listed five things that await you along the way Göta Canal:

1. Nature – fill your lungs with the fresh, lovely air while cycling or walking right next to the canal on the car-free roads! All the while you and the water are followed side by side as you make your way alongside the mighty avenue of trees that line the canal.

2. The wings of history - the canal is powerful in itself, but when you think about how it was dug out with metal shovels 200 years ago, how the oxen pulled the boats where you stand today or how the gates were cranked by hand, you can take it all in and stop and feel all in for a moment.

3. Folkfesten - during the high season, there is full commerce along Sweden's blue ribbon. Events such as sing-alongs and music festivals are mixed with exhibitions and guided tours – in addition to the spectacle that the channel itself is.

4. The places - the canal with its 19 miles naturally passes the majority of cities, towns and beautiful places. The idyllic Söderköping where the Madicken films were shot, Forsvik which is known as one of Sweden's first industrial areas and Berg outside Linköping with its awesome lock stairs are examples of places that attract thousands of tourists every year and which are exciting to discover during the journey.

5. The Locks – well, quite obviously, the locks are one of the biggest sights of the trip! Depending on which experience package you're aiming for, you can, for example, see the still-today hand-cranked lock or a lock staircase with a level difference of almost 19 meters.

Cycling trip Göta canal