Göta canal - my ideal

The vast majority of people have at some point come across the historic building Göta Kanal. Regardless of whether it is through an interest in history, a boating life or the film adaptation made in serial form. All of us, regardless of age, can witness with great wonder how boats of all sizes are sluiced up and down the stairs. Because surely it is a very special art? Something we don't see every day? In addition to the canal itself, there is also a wide range of sights and interesting places along the 'blue ribbon'. For example, there are several museums, crafts, art and special places.

The 200-year history of the structure is undoubtedly filled to the brim with exciting events, developments and anecdotes – from how it was excavated by hand to how the gates were developed from being hand cranked to becoming mechanical. Even today, however, there is a hand-cranked sluice preserved in Tåtorp, which is also an attraction in itself.

There are many different ways to discover the Göta canal - you can walk or cycle varying distances on car-free roads, go on a day cruise or take a longer trip that includes both bicycle and boat - why not experience the entire canal from west to east? Regardless of which experience you decide on, you will land and rest in cozy accommodation, enjoy good food and get a well-deserved break from everyday life. Some of our packages also include luggage transport, which means that you only need to focus on getting to today's destination at your own pace.

'The sun so beautiful, the meadow so green
Not a car and no dangerous crowns' sing it in the cover that Cool Candys ended up on the Swedish top with. The song goes on
'Think of reaching land at Värnern's beachWhen the evening sun has set the sky on fireFireworks, we warm usYou become as happy as a human being can be'

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