Hiking tips!

Every day, all year round, there is the opportunity to fill the thermos with steaming hot coffee, lace up your boots and open the hiking map. Nature is always open – regardless of the weather and temperature. All year round you can also book a hiking package along the Göta Canal with us! Bring a packed lunch, stay at Pensionat Prästgården with hotel standards and experience the tranquility at your own pace along the canal.

In order for your hike to be as good an experience as possible, it may be good to think about a few things:

  • Shoes! Using shoes meant for hiking is definitely a good idea. A sole with good grip, fit and the right size for your foot to get the right support as well as functions such as waterproof and breathable can be decisive. Note! Remember to use and walk in the shoes before your hike to avoid chafing and that the choice of socks is also very important - a thin woolen sock closest to the foot and a normal sock on the outside, preferably without seams and chafing edges.
  • Backpack! A good backpack should, for example, sit close to the body and be adapted to your body shape such as shoulder width, back length, etc. A backpack for a day hike should hold at least 30L to accommodate food, drink, rain gear and an extra sweater.
    Tip! When packing your bag, it can be smart to put things you don't need very often at the bottom and to put the heaviest things at the top, then it will be the best balance and comfort!
  • Clothes! Layer on layer! It sounds corny, but it really is the best advice you can get. Wool or synthetic closest to the body, then a warming layer such as a fleece jacket or thinner synthetic sweater and at the end a shell garment that should be wind & water repellent.

These are some tips to ensure you get the best experience possible from your hike. Click here to get to the hiking package, which can be booked all year round. Welcome to book your trip with us!