How does it happen?

Yes, how does it really go when you book your trip with us? Here we thought we would sort out some thoughts you may have.

Once you have decided on and booked the destination you want to discover, most things are actually already clear. Yes, of course you need to pack what you might need such as clothes, toothbrush, some shoe polish and a book maybe? But we take care of the rest! You will sleep in comfortable beds and not go hungry as accommodation and food are included in most of our packages and if it is a cycling holiday you are aiming for, you do not need to hook up a bicycle on the car because a bicycle, bicycle helmet is waiting at the destination ( if you do not prefer your own of course!) and map.

Our packages are unique and adapted to your chosen destination, which can make them different in certain respects. As if the dinners are not included when you visit Visby because we believe that it is part of the experience and charm to be able to walk along the cobbled streets and choose your own restaurant for the evening in this unique city. In some packages you will have to settle down at a lunch restaurant or a café, while in some packages you will have to unpack a lunch bag and sit down where it suits you, which is usually quite wonderful.

At each destination, we have picked out the very best strawberry places with a wide range so that there is something for everyone - regardless of age. From various museums, art exhibitions and other cultural attractions to cozy cafes and activities for the whole family.

To get the packing around on the bike, in most cases two packing bags are included for you to attach to the packing holder that holds 15-20 liters, smart right?

If you have any more questions or thoughts before your trip, you are warmly welcome to contact us, we are here to make your experience as good as possible. So what are you waiting for? Now that we have straightened out all this, it's just a matter of finding just your dream destination!