Dalarna – a paradise even in summer

Many of us associate a trip to Dalarna with a skiing holiday during the winter months, but the fact is that the resorts we imagine covered in snow are true paradises even in full greenery!

You can choose to experience Dalarna by bike or combine bike and boat. Regardless of which you choose, your trip will be rich in experiences and magnificent nature! If you have time to spare or want to discover more than what we have suggested, the Storstupet and Helvetesfallet in Orsa, the magical view in Tällberg or the Vasaloppsmålet in Mora are some places well worth a visit.

The places you pass by bike are rich in culture and history and you can visit national parks with wide wildlife, art museums, craft stalls and of course production of Dalahästar. On the ship M/S Gustaf Wasa, which has been at sea on Siljan since 1876, you will be enriched by its ancient history while you are served a good lunch and get to look out over the beautiful craft villages.

In summary, Dalarna is a completely magical destination for those looking for an active holiday with historic wings and an extraordinary nature experience.