Have you heard anything so exciting? Sweden has got a new national cycle route - Vänerleden - which will be inaugurated on the 3rd of June this year! A really exciting route that you can take part in with our new package "Experience Lake Vänern Grand Tour". For 11 days you will make your way along this approximately 64 mile long trail. You will spend most of the mile on the bicycle saddle, but you will also be transported a distance with the Kinnekulletåget which is designated as Sweden's most beautiful train route and with a passenger boat from Håverud in Dalsland.

It is important to have energy in your legs because you will step forward in a varied nature and on roads with different surfaces, but do not be intimidated. There will be plenty of opportunities to stop during your trip as you pass many cafes, museums, art exhibitions and sights. One of the days you will, for example, visit Läckö Castle - one of western Sweden's most visited tourist destinations. Another day you take the winding pilgrimage route to the nature reserve Munkängarna - also called Sweden's Grand Canyon.

To cope with the journey, you will have to eat lots of good food at carefully selected places along the way and in the evenings. In addition, you get the opportunity to unwind in a relaxation area and in the whirlpool at Ronnums Herrgård on Vargön and enjoy many good hotel breakfasts.

Yes, you hear how it sounds, this is definitely a trip you do not want to miss. It is a unique experience that can not be properly described in words - you have to experience it. After the more than 60 miles, you will have been enriched with so many memories and it will definitely be a trip to look back on!

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