Travel with a dog!

Did you know that we have trips adapted so that you can bring your four-legged friend? For example, we have a combined boat and hiking package that lasts three days where you and your dog can enjoy a boat trip on the Göta canal on the first day with lunch and a guide on board while you slowly make your way and pass a total of 16 locks. On the following two days, you can set out on foot along the fantastically beautiful and car-free road along the canal. A calm and wonderful experience for both two- and four-legged friends with a lot to see, experience and smell.

Do you want to skip the boat trip and invest in just hiking along the canal or maybe go on a longer hike in Tivedens National Park, Billingen or Kinnekulle? If so, it is possible to book pure hiking packages! If you want to know more about which trips allow your dog to accompany you, you can select "Dog-friendly packages" under the Trip type tab when you check our range. A perfect excursion this fall!