What is a holiday with us?

Yes, what does a holiday with us really mean and what can you expect when you choose to book your holiday trip with us on the Experience Package? You can trust that we have carefully selected accommodation, dining experiences and excursion destinations. With us, you will be taken care of all the way and you will only enjoy the journey to your next destination, regardless of means of transport or activity. When you are on our website and check out our different packages, you can check under the tab 'Itinerary', where you can read what the layout looks like from day to day, what different attractions we recommend for that route, where you will check in and often where you will eat. For example, when you choose to book a cycling holiday around Lake Siljan, the goal is the first day Mora and we highly recommend a visit to the Zorn Museum!

If you have traveled by bike, you may feel tender in the body in a wonderful way, filled with fresh air and crammed with new impressions that a bike ride gives in a completely different way than a car trip. Then you are welcomed at one of the accommodations we work with and it can be anything from a cozy camping cabin or an exciting glamping tent to a traditional inn, guest house or hotel. Regardless, you will get that well-deserved relaxation!

A holiday with us is to take the day as it comes, stay by the roadside where you want and let go of all the musts. The harmony of nature will fill you with energy and power and you just have to keep up.