Where is your next trip going?

The month of March is here, the sun warms larger parts of our country and nature comes to life again, just as colorful and surprising every year. With spring approaching, it's also time for many to start planning their summer vacation - even if it may feel far away yet.

Sweden is a fantastic country to holiday in, something many have opened their eyes to and value highly - not least after the last two summers. How do you want to spend your vacation? Staying outside, filling different senses with experiences and ending the days with good food and a wonderful overnight stay is a winning concept, we think!

Do you want to step ashore on one of the sun-safe islands in the Baltic Sea as Öland, Gotland or Åland? Visit apple orchards and temples in Österlen? Combine the cycling holiday with boat trips along Göta kanal or maybe up in Dalarna by Lake Siljan? Yes, we understand if the choice is not always easy when our elongated country offers so many golden places. But if you know, no matter where you choose to go and what you choose to invent, you will be enriched with wonderful memories, exciting experiences and mental postcards to carry with you and look back on when you need it most.