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Dalarna – a paradise even in summer

Many of us associate a trip to Dalarna with a skiing holiday during the winter, but the fact is that the resorts we imagine covered in snow are true paradises even in full greenery! You can choose to experience Dalarna by bike or combine bike and boat. Whichever you choose, your trip will be rich in experiences and [...]

5 things to keep in the bicycle basket

One fine day you stand there with your bike bags full and you are ready to throw yourself on the bike and step on the adventure! Once you are sitting on the saddle, you probably want to avoid the moment where you get off the bike at regular intervals to rummage through and create chaos in the carefully thought out […]

Travel with a dog!

Did you know that we have trips adapted so that you can bring your four-legged friend? For example, we have a combined boat and hiking package that lasts three days where you and your dog can enjoy a boat trip on the Göta canal on the first day with lunch and a guide on board while you slowly take [...]