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7 facts about Siljan

Traveling to Dalarna and cycling around Lake Siljan in the heart of Dalarna or going on a boat and enjoying nature at sea is an experience you will not regret. There is something special about the calm and the atmosphere that makes Dalarna a perfect destination for those looking for an active [...]

Five experiences that await on Åland!

Åland is a true archipelago paradise and after only two hours, comfortably transported by ferry from Sweden, you reach this sunny island kingdom. No matter how you twist and turn, the sea will be present throughout your stay. You will get to discover Åland with all your senses and enjoy with both body and soul. […]

Twenty twenty three

So here we are, once again, with a new year right in front of our noses. We hope and believe that we are stepping into a really good year, of course! Slowly but surely, we also notice how the light is returning. Minute by minute, we get slightly longer afternoons and despite thick snow covers or a few barely plus degrees in brilliant [...]