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    Children 2-7 years (1 Number of people - No size limit.) 2,700 kr / Person

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    Adult (1 Number of people - No size limit.) 11,500 kr / Person

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    Roxen Snabben *
    Rodesund Accommodation *
    250.00 kr / St
    Deduction own bike -500
    -500.00 kr / St
    Luggage transport 1-4 bags West-East
    3000.00 kr / St

    Luggage transport 1-4 bags

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    Extra night single room, Pensionat Prästgården
    850.00 kr / St

    Extra night single room, Pensionat Prästgården

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    Single room supplement
    1600.00 kr / St

    Single room supplement The entire canal

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    Extra night at Pensionat Prästgården double room
    1350.00 kr / St

    Extra night at Pensionat Prästgården double room

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    M / S Kung Sverker *
    Experience package *
    Söderköpings Brunn *
    Captain Billes *
    Cafe Baltzar Sjötorp *
    Pensionat Prästgården *

The unique bicycle package! (The package that has it all) The only package where you get to experience the entire Göta Canal from Lake Vänern to the Baltic Sea. The bicycle package starts in Töreboda and the final destination is Söderköping and Mem at the canal's outlet in the Baltic Sea. Cycle along the entire Göta Canal and glide forward with the boat M / S Kung Sverker between Motala to Borensberg. On the trip between Lake Vänern to the Baltic Sea, you pass 58 locks. Experience a fantastic story for five days along this 200-year-old building.

Start days:
Mondays - Sundays
June 12 - August 18


Day 1

Töreboda - Sjötorp - Töreboda (bike ride 40 km)

The cycling holiday starts from Töreboda, perfect when you come by train. During day 1 and day 2, you have an electric bike at your disposal as the distances are a little more demanding than the other bike days. From Töreboda, you tread on the car-free roads along the Göta Canal past 19 locks to Sjötorp by Lake Vänern. In Sjötorp, lunch is served at Café Baltzar by the harbor pool. To know a little more about how the canal was built, entrance to the canal museum located at Sjötorp harbor is included. When the spirit catches on, you turn the bike ride again towards Töreboda. You stay at Pensionat Prästgården's family hotel and dinner is served at Mandy`s Diner - an authentic American diner in the middle of Töreboda near the Göta Canal. Here rock´n´ role music is played in a nice 50s-60s atmosphere.

Day 2

Töreboda - Forsvik - Karlsborg (bike ride 55 km)

After breakfast at Pensionat Prästgården, the cycling holiday continues towards today's destination, Karlsborg by Lake Vättern. Today you cycle along the Göta Canal past Lanthöjden and on to Tåtorp by Lake Viken. In Tåtorp there is one of the two hand-operated locks along the Göta Canal, the other is in Borensberg in Östergötland. The bike ride will take you out on small winding roads around Lake Viken and on to Forsvik which is worth a stop. Cycle in to the mill town of Forsvik, which is considered to be Sweden's first industrial town. The bicycle package takes you further towards Karlsborg, which has been Sweden's reserve capital once upon a time. You check in at Hotell Rödesund in Karlsborg which is located between Lake Vättern and Lake Bottensjön. Tip! If you get a moment over, we recommend a guided tour of Karlsborg Fortress.

Day 3

Karlsborg - Motala - Borensberg - Bergs slussar- Ljungsbro (Transport around Lake Vättern + M / S Kung Sverker, bike ride 25 km)

Today there is car transport around Lake Vättern to Motala. The boat M / S Kung Sverker departs from Motala harbor at 10.30. Relax on deck and enjoy lunch served on board as the boat glides forward. At 12.30 M / S Kung Sverker arrives in Borensberg. In Borensberg, you can take the opportunity to see the Östgöta part's only hand-operated lock. Now it's time to get on the saddle and start pedaling along the lovely tow road along the Göta Canal. During the bike ride to Berg, locks and viaducts are passed. It is a powerful feeling to stand and look down at the cars that go under the canal. The tour goes through the varied Östergötland landscape. Enchanting views and historical stories follow you on the tour. The lock staircase in Berg consists of 7 locks and raises and lowers the boats no less than 18 meters. Overnight stay at Ljungsbro leisure center and dinner is served at Berg's locks at Kanalkrogen Delimo. .

Day 4

Ljungsbro - Bergs slussar - Norsholm - Söderköping (boat trip with Roxen Snabben, bike ride 25 km)

At Berg's locks, the bicycle boat Roxen Snabben is waiting for you who will take you across Lake Roxen, the journey takes approx. 45 minutes. The cycling holiday continues along the Göta Canal and around Lake Asplången before you arrive at the small town idyll Söderköping. On the way to Söderköping, it is quite hilly in the landscape around Lake Asplången. It is worth the effort once you reach Söderköping and can stroll around the cobbled streets of the medieval city. Enjoy dinner and accommodation at the historic hotel Söderköpings Brunn.

Day 5

Söderköping - Mem - Söderköping (bike ride 12 km)

To have experienced the entire Göta Canal, we recommend that today you tread the remaining 6 km out to Mem at Slätbaken and back again. This is where the canal empties into the Baltic Sea. The bike ride goes on car-free roads with the canal as your nearest neighbor with boats gliding forward at 5 knots. Feel free to end the tour in Söderköping by going on a guided tour with the small locomotive. It was in Söderköping that they recorded the films about Madicken that Astrid Lindgren wrote about in her books. From Resecentrum, buses / trains return to Töreboda or your hometown.

1 Hotel overnight stay at Pensionat Prästgården / part in a double room
1 overnight stay at Hotell Rödesund part in a double room
1 overnight stay at Ljungsbrofritidscenter (toilet in the room & shower in the corridor)
1 Hotel overnight stay at Söderköpings Brunn / part in a double room
2 st Lunch
1 pcs Packed lunches
2 dinners (main course) excluding drinks
1 3-course dinner excluding drinks (Söderköpings Brunn)
4 pcs Breakfast buffet
1 entrance to the Göta Canal Museum
1 electric bike incl. bicycle basket (Töreboda - Karlsborg)
1 pc Bicycle 3-speed incl. bicycle basket (from 13 years). (Borensberg - Söderköping)
Bring your own helmet for best comfort and safety and for hygienic reasons (covid-19)
1 packing bag (double, holds approx. 15 l / pc)
1 st Map
1 trip description
1 boat trip with M / S Kung Sverker
1 boat trip with Roxen Snabben
1 st Transport Karlsborg - Motala
Bicycle service applies to rented bicycles

Cancellation protection / pers. 250 SEK
Single room supplement 1600 SEK
Extra night at Pensionat Prästgården, double room 1350 SEK
Extra night at Pensionat Prästgården, single room 850 SEK
Deduction own bike - 500 SEK
Luggage transport 1-4 bags 3000 SEK

Always pack as little as possible. We recommend that you pack in your own bicycle bags and take with you on the trip. Always packed & ready while it is easy to get on and off the bike. If you rent bicycle bags, you can calculate that each bag holds about 15 liters (like smaller backpacks).

It is easy to take the train to Töreboda. The western main line between Gothenburg-Stockholm passes Töreboda with several stops here. Walking distance about 500 meters from the Railway Station to Pensionat Prästgården where the starting point for the cycling holiday is.

By car: From Gothenburg about 20 km, estimated to take about 2 hours and 45 minutes. Road E20 and from Mariestad highway 202.
From Stockholm about 30 km, estimated to take about 3 hours and 15 minutes. Road E18 / E20 and from Hova highway 200.

From Resecentrum in Söderköping there is a bus to Norrköping and from here a train to Töreboda. Time about 4 -4,5 hours with about 3 changes.
See www.sj.se

We recommend that you start the bike ride between 10-12. If you have a long way to travel, feel free to book an extra night.

You park the car at Pensionat Prästgården in Töreboda. Free parking.