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Cycling holiday on Gotland

Holidays on Gotland have everything you could wish for - at least if you want to be able to enjoy nature, the atmosphere, scents and new discoveries. Cycling on Gotland is an experience and a joy for all the senses. Southern Gotland is known for its scenic and coastal roads where sea and sky meet, while eastern Gotland offers a varied landscape with fantastic nature experiences. Up in the north you can see barren landscapes and magnificent rauk areas. Spend your holiday on Gotland and discover new destinations. Ingmar Bergman's mythical island Fårö, also called the island of light and raukar, is well worth a visit and in Visby you can live among the medieval cobblestone streets and historic buildings. Gotland is a place where present and past meet, where pulse and relaxation go hand in hand and extraordinary nature experiences take turns. Experience packages have several different destinations to choose from - both for young and old.  

Cycling on Gotland

Gotland is perfect for a cycling holiday and cycling on Gotland gives you the opportunity to experience one of the most beautiful plastics in Sweden.  

Road cycling on Gotland

Cycling a country road on Gotland in the summer is a touch of optimal experience. The roads on Gotland are made for road cycling and during your bike ride you have the opportunity to experience a large part of the island and its varied and beautiful nature. As most of the roads on Gotland are paved, you have a lot to choose from. You can cycle on the small roads along the coast or take a trip further inland and experience lush forest areas and beautiful meadows.  

Cycle the Gotlandsleden

If you want to see and explore the whole of Gotland, you should cycle the Gotland Trail. The Gotland Trail is a 50 km long cycle path that stretches around the entire island. The cycle path stretches from Fårö on northern Gotland to Hoburg in the south.  

Cycling on northern Gotland

If you are cycling on northern Gotland, we recommend that you cycle along the Stone Coast. Here you can experience the windswept, characteristic landscape that Gotland is known for. You are also offered raukar and fishing villages along the coast. No trip to the northern parts is complete without visiting Fårö, Ingemar Bergman's favorite place on earth, where he also moves permanently in the autumn of his age. You can reach Fårö via ferry from Gotland and the island offers magnificent nature and unique surroundings. The island also offers several beautiful sandy beaches such as Ekeviken, Norsta Auren and Sudersand.  

Cycling on southern Gotland

It is a joy to cycle on southern Gotland. Here you can cycle along winding roads and experience flowering meadows and open landscapes. This part of the island is not called Sweden's Provence but should perhaps do so as the landscape brings to mind southern France. In the southern parts of the island you can experience windmills, lambs, stone walls and the sea. The sea is constantly present on Gotland and when you visit the southern parts you can treat yourself to a dip in the sea at the beach Austre. Treat yourself to a cycling holiday and cycle on Gotland with us on the Experience Package.