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Holidays on Gotland

Holidays on Gotland have everything you could wish for - at least if you want to be able to enjoy nature, the atmosphere, scents and new discoveries. Southern Gotland is known for its scenic and coastal roads where sea and sky meet, while eastern Gotland offers a varied landscape with fantastic nature experiences. Up in the north you can see barren landscapes and magnificent rauk areas.

Spend your holiday on Gotland and discover new destinations. Ingmar Bergman's mythical island Fårö, which has also been called the island of light and raukar, is well worth a visit and in Visby you can live among the medieval cobblestone streets and historic buildings. Gotland is a place where the present and the past meet, where pulse and relaxation go hand in hand and extraordinary nature experiences take turns. Experience packages have several different destinations to choose from - both for large and small.